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School Organisation

Roseville has 617 students enrolled for 2017.

The school consists of 25 classes:

Staff 2017

School Leadership Team

Mr Sean Moran - Principal

Ms Deborah Lane - Deputy Principal

Mrs Fiona Ipsen - Assistant Principal

Mr David Brown - Assistant Principal 

Ms Stephanie Madden- Assistant Principal (Relieving) 

Mrs Jennifer Willard - Assistant Principal

Teaching Staff

Kindergarten Team Miss Madden, Miss Bickersteth, Mrs Wilson, Mrs Antrim and Miss Aspinall
Year 1 Team Mrs Vula, Mrs Pulley and Mrs Vila, Mrs Hobin and Miss Clague
Year 2 Team Mrs Willard, Mrs Gatt and Mrs Stephenson, Mrs Hazleton and Mr Ferguson
Year 3 Team Miss Eadie, Miss Sidwell, Mr Connolly and Miss Jackson
Year 4 Team Mr Brown, Miss Jackson, Miss Smith and  Mrs Mitrevski
Year 5 Team Mrs Kowalczyk, Mr Brown and Mrs Weber
Year 6 Team Mrs Ipsen, Miss Aleksainian and Mrs Cocks
Teacher Librarian Mrs Bottomley
ESL Team Mrs Gleeson, Mrs McKern and Mrs Harding
RFF Teaching Team Ms Britt, Mrs Morcom, Mrs Madsen, Mrs Zines, Mrs Milledge and Mrs Owles
Learning and Support Ms Schwass & Mr Jones

Teaching Staff, students and parents are supported by a team of dedicated ancillary staff.

 School Administration Officer Mrs Sue Brown
 School General Assistant
Mr Andrew Clegg                                                                                     

 Other office

  staff include

Mrs Debra Morrison

Ms Tamara Fern

Mrs Stephanie Mugglestone

Mrs Betsy Duncan

Mrs Stephanie East

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